Anadolu Isuzu Delivers 48 buses and medium-size coaches to the Israeli market


Turkey's leading commercial vehicle manufacturer Anadolu Isuzu delivered a total of 48 medium-size coaches and buses to four transportation operators in Israel, one of the important markets in the Middle East region. The vehicles were delivered to customers with an online delivery ceremony, as a first occurrence.

Completing 2021 with record exports, Anadolu Isuzu continues its achievements in the new year with the delivery of 48 buses and medium-size coaches to Israel, one of the leading countries of the Middle East in public transportation. Due to the ongoing pandemic conditions, the delivery of the vehicles was carried out with an online delivery ceremony, for the first time.


The delivery, totaling up to 48 vehicles with 38 Citiport, 3 Novociti Life and 7 NovoUltra Nees was made to the transportation companies operating in Israel that include Metropolin, Electra Afikim, Electra Afikim 2021 and Kavim. The online delivery ceremony, organized on 23 December 2021, was attended by the executives of customer operators Metropolin, Electra Afikim, Electra Afikim 2021 and Kavim, as well senior executives of Anadolu Isuzu and Israeli distributor of the company, the Universal Trucks Israel LTD (UTI).


Anadolu Isuzu Commercial Functions Group Director Hakan Kefoğlu states the following:

“As Anadolu Isuzu, we maintain our claim in the foreign markets in 2022 as well, in line with our company targets. The Citiport, Novociti Life and NovoUltra models we produce in our country with the domestic design and production competencies of our R&D center by taking into the current demands and needs of the modern transportation sector into consideration, continue to attract great attention all over the world. Our sales to Israel, as a market with high technological standards, also constitute an important international reference for us. In 2022, we will continue to further strengthen our position in foreign markets, open up to new markets and increase our export figures.”



The Citiport and Novociti Life Family: Modern and rational solutions for transportation needs


The Citiport, Novociti Life and NovoUltra models, delivered on time by Anadolu Isuzu, are designed to best meet the comfort needs of passengers, including additional features for the disabled.


Citiport is preferred as a modern public transportation solution with its powerful and environmentally friendly engine, low floor platform, wide and spacious interior, chassis tilting system and wheelchair ramp that increases the accessibility of the vehicle and provides an unhindered journey for all passengers. Citiport offers its customers operating in the field of public transportation advantages such as low fuel consumption, high passenger capacity and long maintenance periods.


The Isuzu Novociti Life series also provides superior engine technology, high energy efficiency and low fuel consumption, while meeting the most up-to-date and exacting norms of the modern cities successfully. The Novociti Life series, which responds to the requirements of cities with narrow streets with the concept of small-sized buses instead of large and medium-sized buses in transportation, supports the participation of disabled and elderly people in social life owing to its low-floor structure. Anadolu Isuzu's NovoUltra series, the leading model of its class with 27 and 29 seat options, brings a new dimension to passenger transportation. Citiport, Novociti Life and NovoUltra series vehicles, which significantly reduce the investment and operating costs of operators, are preferred by municipalities and transportation operators with their durable high-performance engines, advanced comfort and safety features, as well as high agility and maneuverability.