Anadolu Isuzu leads the industry with the "Electric Electronic System Architecture" developed for drivers


Anadolu Isuzu one of the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers in Turkey, continues to make life easier for drivers with its investments in intelligent transportation system. Anadolu Isuzu offers drivers a comfortable and safe driving experience in traffic with its electrical-electronic system architecture (EES) project consisting of new software options. Electric-electronic systems applied in Anadolu Isuzu's new vehicles Interliner and Grand Toro, which allow transportation and technology to progress simultaneously, will be presented as a standard in all new Anadolu Isuzu vehicles to be released in the upcoming period.

Focusing on adapting innovation and technological innovations to its products and services, Anadolu Isuzu continues its pioneering role in the commercial vehicle sector with its R&D and innovation competence. Anadolu Isuzu, which designs the technological equipment and applications of its vehicles specifically for different countries and different customer expectations, continues to invest in smart transportation systems. Anadolu Isuzu, which received the "Way of Mind in Transportation Award" with its product "Driver Fatigue and Distraction" at the SummITS 3rd International Intelligent Transportation Systems (AUS) Summit this year within the scope of its projects in the field of smart transportation systems, and the NC Life vehicle in 2019. received an award in the category of "Electric Electronic Software Development" from the Turkish Electronics Association. Taking its investments in this field one step further, Anadolu Isuzu implemented the EES (Electric-Electronic System) Architecture project with the aim of making the lives of drivers easier. Developing new features and new software options to be applied in all new vehicles produced within the scope of EES Architecture, Anadolu Isuzu started to apply these features in Interliner and Grand Toro vehicles. Adding new equipment such as FMS (Fleet Management System - Fleet Management System), Engine Diagnostic, MUX Vehicle Control System Diagnostics, Driver Scoring, Cornering Lighting, Welcome to Vehicle Mode, Dynamic return screen, Return to Home Mode, Smart Wiper, Dynamic Home Screen, and Voice to its new electrical-electronic systems and vehicles, Anadolu Isuzu has led the way in Turkey in this field.

"We blazed the trail in Turkey with the Electrical-Electronic System Architecture"

Anadolu Isuzu’s General Manager Tuğrul Arıkan, who underlined that Anadolu Isuzu has improved its competence in R&D and innovation and product development power in line with customer demands, said that “We continue to guide the automotive industry with the new applications we have developed in the field of vans, buses and midibuses. Our new electrical-electronic system EES Architecture, which will provide maximum benefit to the driver, is one of the projects we have implemented with this goal. We have developed new software options in line with today's trends and customer needs and expectations. These features, which we started to apply in our Interliner and Grand Toro vehicles, will be developed and presented as a standard in every new vehicle in the coming period. In Europe, we make a difference with features other than diagnostic modes. EES Architecture is a vibrant structure and will continue to be developed continuously ”.

Faults are detected and communicated to the driver

Thanks to the FMS (Fleet Management System) offered by Anadolu Isuzu within the scope of EES Architecture, there is no need for additional equipment to filter certain communication protocol (CAN) messages with the fleet tracking device. While Engine Diagnostic Diagnostics presents the error codes in the engine in detail to the driver, the MUX Vehicle Control System informs the driver about the conditions and malfunctions of each electrical and electronic receiver in the vehicle. With the Driver Scoring System, drivers are given feedback such as "You are driving well" and "You are using badly" with algorithms developed by Anadolu Isuzu. The dynamic rear display informs the driver on the steering position in which direction the vehicle is reversing and how much distance the vehicle remains. Cornering Lighting activates the fog light on the turning side according to the steering turn at low speeds and illuminates the road turning. Welcome to the Vehicle Mode activates the headlights as soon as the door of the vehicle is opened with the remote control in the dark and illuminates the path of the vehicle owner. With the Return to Home Mode, when the vehicle stops in the dark and the door is closed with the remote control, the way of the vehicle owner is illuminated for a certain time. With the Smart Wiper feature, the wipers stop automatically when the vehicle stops for any reason such as a red light. When the vehicle moves, it automatically restarts according to the selected level. In vehicles with automatic transmission in the Dynamic Main Screen feature, a red-themed screen appears when the power mode is selected, and a green-themed screen appears when the economy mode is selected. In the Voice feature, the selected alerts at the point where the symbols on the indicator driving screen (Cluster) light up are voiced with multilingual support. Diagnostic control can be provided on all equipment within the scope of EES Architecture. It is possible to diagnose which headlight or which sensor is faulty. Faults of other controllers (EBS, ECU, ELC-ECAS) on the vehicle can be diagnosed and transferred to the driver via the screen on the display.